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Instead of using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page-creation tools which treat a website as if it's a photocopied document (it just doesn't work that way), all of our web development is done in a text editor, hand-coding our pages. We create a template for your entire site (the general layout, menuing, graphics, etc. — the things that don't change from one page to another) and use server-side scripting to change the dynamic content and to highlight the appropriate menu items. This results in a website that is scalable to any size or complexity and is easier to maintain and update. The consistent layout is easier to navigate, and unlike some page layout methods, each page can be bookmarked for later reference (the pages are properly indexed by search engines, too!). Easier navigation means that new visitors to your site can locate the information they're looking for without getting frustrated. This reflects well on your company and results in a more positive image — and repeat visits!

All of our project development is done on a PC/Windows platform, but is tested with Internet Explorer (Windows), Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Macintosh and Linux), Opera (Windows) and Apple Safari (Windows and Macintosh) for compatibility, font and layout concerns. Only very common third-party technologies are used (Java and Javascript), so your website visitors don't have to install anything just to see your site.

Our finest example of this type of work is the site that we developed for Habersham Hills Cinemas in Mt. Airy, Georgia. The main menu is consistently in the same place on every page, and it indicates which page or section of the website you are seeing, which is less confusing for website visitors. Special pages are linked from text elsewhere on any page, without having to add them to the main menu (see the "map" link in the text-only menu at the bottom of the page as an example). Comprehensive error-correcting techniques ensure that no "Error 404" (page not found) messages interrupt a visit to the site. All internal pages can be bookmarked without a problem, even though the contents of the page may have been updated.

Weekly schedule updates are handled through our specialized Independent Theater Management System. The schedule is updated in the database on our server, and the theater website is updated dynamically. The entire week's schedule is generated in a grid that is easy to read, with today's schedule highlighted to avoid confusion. Extensive use of CSS "style sheets" allows a wide variety of colors and styles to personalize our independent theater management product to suit the needs of any movie theater, whether they have one screen or twenty.

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HomeTownMovies receives approximately 5,000 unique visitors a month and around 15,000 page views. In just five years, it has had over 800,000 visits!

All testing of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code by Text Engineering is performed on live human subjects. No animals are harmed during this process, and although no trees are cut down, a rather large number of electrons may have been somewhat inconvenienced.
We use recycled HTML code!
We are environmentally conscious, and use recycled programming code whenever possible.

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